Comcast cable tv

I have had the recent experience of having to change cable television companies. I had Verizon Fios for like 4-5 years. I believe. I recently moved to a new area and they do not have fios cable nor internet, only telephone. I really liked verizon they are top notch in my book. I never received the wrong hardware for my package. Which was the top of the line premium package and I had DVR. I never received any scams, if there was a better deal I could get it with no problems and low and behold I never had any outages. Well my recent experience with comcast really sucks bad. I do not care for this company. Lets see they have my order all messed up. I didn’t receive the correct hardware for my cable. I don’t have all the channels and in fact my bill is much more than with verizon.  They charge for DVR verizon doesn’t. Then the rep tried to tell me I didn’t know what I had ordered. I said I do and I have it on email. Then the kicker was just about everyday I get a stupid phone call from someone telling me my son is dead and then they act as if they are with the state police. I’m like really. This is bs. At the end of the conversation with the rep I told him their service sucked and I cannot wait for verizon to come to my area. Comcast is not the best. In fack they charge you for everything. They can’t even stop the scamming phone calls; which make me thing it is an employee because I never received one when I have verizon. Which service do you think is best? Please weigh in.


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