Strength and Determination Rules Everything!

Well to begin with I am a caring person; who doesn’t mind helping people when they need it. However, what about when you need that favor returned. I have found through recent experiences and past that some people who say they are your friends are in deed not. They could care less about you until something good happens in your life that they could benefit from. I have had to learn over and over again; only to get broken heartened by people. During my pain I had a few friends and some family. I thought some family actually cared about my interest at hand however so not true. It was about what they could take from me when my back was turned. My children are my life and everything. If it were not for them and the grace of God I do not think I would have survived 2 major back surgeries. They are my rock. When I thought my world was worse than could think of; they were there to make me laugh and smile. People will kick you harder when your down.

I have learned throughout this experience that keep your enemies closer than your friends. When you think you have it bad someone else always has it worse. If you get hurt on the job your employer may kick you worse than ever and to add insult to injury they may terminate you. Employers are funny like that. I was so heart broken because I am one who takes pride in working and have gotten my own things on my own. At the same time I was attending college to better myself. The injury caused severe pain, anger, depression. There were so many feelings going on and I was upset because people would look at me when I walked because I have a limp when I’m in pain. I have had people tell me I’m fine nothings wrong with you. Well a few months later and procedures showed that there were things going on bad. I now have a back issue and pain when I stand to long, sit to long or if the weather isn’t right at the moment. I take my medicine as prescribed because finally like 5 pain management doctors later someone is getting it together. My dreams are a bit crushed because I should have been gotten my bachelors in criminal justice. I had to change to a university and I did pull my gpa back up to a 3.50. I’m proud of myself because sometimes I am in so much pain I can’t do homework nor read a book. So I try to find a comfy position and relax. I have nerve pain that shoots down my leg. I have not let this injury keep me down. Although, it has changed many things I am working on strengthening my legs, arms, and back. I can barely hold a pot of noodles because my children love spaghetti and macaroni and  cheese; home made that is. I do not tell this story for anyone to feel sorry or have any pity for me because I am a very strong and determined person.

Determination has made me so strong in many ways it is unbelievable. People are amazed that I keep on pushing. I have an agenda. I show my children that anything can happen and you can make the best out of any situation. Of course with the correct support system. Also now I don’t live in a 2 story home. Everything is on one level. Works terrific. Thank God for my favorite aunt, uncle and cousins that stay on me because I am one stubborn person. But when they tell me do something I do it because I love them dearly and they love me dearly. and I can’t forget my 2 sweet peas, they are full of love and happiness. They are just so special in their own ways. Now that’s family and love. I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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