Doctor office visits.

Well anyone knows it’s not fun waiting to see the doctor. No matter what your seeing them for. Sometimes doctors are over worked and under staffed. I have seen many doctors like this. I once sat in a doctor’s office for over 3 hours to be seen. That was horrible because your already miserable and then your bothered with seeing other people. The room is crowded or full of people. Kudos for the doctors that actually see their patients for more than 5 minutes during their busy day. I myself feel that they really have to want to help people to go in debt for medical school and all that other stuff. In today’s world their are pH to few doctors and so many patients that have illnesses.

Some doctors actually are very good doctors that make sure you are in the best of health. I see several doctors and they make sure I understand what’s happening. They also change a medications that don’t work. People who become addicted to prescription drugs have made things very hard for the doctor and patient. Every month it’s like pee in a cup. We need to make sure ur using your meds. I hate it because women have to squat men don’t. People also try to take advantages of Dr or patient. some just do procedures to make money off you. Some are crazy. What do you think?


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