Okay, so lately I have been going through some things. Good and bad. I love job searching and helping people; thats my passion. I guess? I do have a job and I like it. Well I went on this one employment search site that has a community board and they are able to post concerns and so on. Well some people ask and say the craziest things. Example: I was fired from my job due to sexual assault. Okay this is something very serious. Well, the young lady anyhow didn’t explain the whole story to get a good response and the help she needed. The key words that stuck out to me was that she knew and awful lot about the aggressor and that he had been there for a # of years. So people in this day and time begin to say file a lawsuit. For job discrimination and so on. So, I’m reading the responses and going back and reading her’s and there are so many wholes in the story. Well, I asked why did she wait until a week before she got fired to say something to her manager and after the manager came back and told her the response of the other person. A week later she was terminated. Okay people that I know would have filed a formal complaint with human resources and so on. Well this person didn’t do it. Instead sh’e like i got fired and I’m like okay if your points are valid and if any lawyer wants to take the case they will but make sure all your ducks are in a row and if they find out all this was due to a previous affair you have waisted people’s time and may mess things up in your career path. SO proceed with caution.