People today don’t seem to care much about school much anymore. What is the problem with schools in this day and age. Have we as parents made things so easy for the children to rebel or have we helped them succeed in becoming nothing? I feel that both authorities and parents have made it easier for children to get away with many things. What’s your views?



People amuse me everyday. One day they not your friend talking trash the next they want to be friends. I’m like wow quit being so negative of others. You aught to be happy when that person is doing good in life. No matter how jealous you may be or compare them to another person. I have learned that people are going to be people and if you want to be happy and not keep going in circles. You need to cut them people lose because you going to keep that same ole same ole. It’s not healthy to have that much negativity around you. Don’t worry be happy and do whats best for you and your family and keep it moving.

Schools today. The administrators decisions are they bad or good.

Hi. I’m writing this because there are many problems going on with these schools today. Some good some bad and some just dumb. Like a Dah!!! moment. I have a son in high school and he goes to Capital school district. First of all the nurse needs to retire. She can’t decipher when a child is wheezing. Retire already before you have to resign your position. Then we have some of the dumb fake security guards. The point of dropping your kid off is to actually stop the car and letting them out safely. Some lack common sense. What should I do tell my son to tuck and roll, lol. Thank God for Officer Demetrius and the teacher Mr. Barry. They are truly good people that try to help and fix the issue. Then they have the new school, finally it’s done. Yes more jobs but, are the people qualified? Some may be some maybe not. Then we have the dress code for all students. When the district purchases the students clothing then they can say something. Or in other words when the child has something on and u can see her backside or if their clothes are see through and things popping out. Then something should be said. Some schools will not accept when they messed something up. I have had teachers say oh i didn’t know and then come back and apologize. That apology goes further than you know. These rules and laws are so crazy now and it’s not only all on the teachers. The students help with the process to make it harder for the next person. I say get it together or you need go somewhere else. Act like you have some home training. Whats the issue with people not wanting to attend school. It is given to us freely take advantage of it. Use it to further your life. Don’t worry about what others say because they just jealous. I tell em mind yours and imma mind mine. The issue with bullying is ridiculous. The person bullying needs to be arrested for harassment among other things. If it was your child you’d be mad. So if you see something happening help that child in need because they may not know how to ask for help. The bullies has issues with insecurity and their parents need get them help or more people are going to commit more suicides. We as a community and society need to step up because these kids are running wild and for the ones who aren’t; they are being punished. Teachers need to be better trained and need to know kids are kids and decipher from being intentional or accident. Also, better back ground checks need to be done too many teachers are sleeping with students. Can they not find someone or are they taking advantage of the person because they want to pass and make their parents happy. What do you feel or think. In New York a school is protesting their dress code. What should happen? Please leave comments and suggestions.